Story Time

Most embarrassing moment

I have recently been thinking a lot about what I would consider my most embarrassing moment. This moment is something that often pops into my head from time to time. The whole incident makes me feel some sort of way, embarrassed, violated, sad, angry… Story time: I met B when I was in the 8th… Continue reading Most embarrassing moment

Random Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts, Adderall, & Nursing

While sitting at work yesterday and waiting for a specialty pharmacy to answer the phone... I had been waiting on hold for 14 or so minutes... I reached up to play with my hair. In the process I touched my head and immediately thought, I wonder what my skull looks like. These are the kinds… Continue reading Intrusive thoughts, Adderall, & Nursing

Random Thoughts

I learned something new…

I learned something new at therapy yesterday. Did you know that not everyone has intrusive thoughts? I honestly thought that everyone just had weird/random thoughts like, "I wonder what would happen if I shoved this pencil through my hand…." My husband, once upon a time informed me that those are not "normal" thoughts...but I pushed… Continue reading I learned something new…