How do I know that my depression is starting to set in again? I know that I have several warning signs, but I don't always know or have the chance to catch the signs before depression becomes a real problem. The first very prominent sign that depression is setting in is feeling apathetic. I just… Continue reading Knowing

Random Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts, Adderall, & Nursing

While sitting at work yesterday and waiting for a specialty pharmacy to answer the phone... I had been waiting on hold for 14 or so minutes... I reached up to play with my hair. In the process I touched my head and immediately thought, I wonder what my skull looks like. These are the kinds… Continue reading Intrusive thoughts, Adderall, & Nursing

Random Thoughts

I learned something new…

I learned something new at therapy yesterday. Did you know that not everyone has intrusive thoughts? I honestly thought that everyone just had weird/random thoughts like, "I wonder what would happen if I shoved this pencil through my hand…." My husband, once upon a time informed me that those are not "normal" thoughts...but I pushed… Continue reading I learned something new…